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detainees at guantanamo bay could soon be heading to a prison in illinois. as you know, the prison at gitmo is scheduled to close in a few short months. this facility is in western illinois. it goes without saying that this prison would have to meet pretty strict requirements. the obama administration has said repeatedly that they want the prisoners transferred from gitmo so that many of them will stand trial in one form of -- one form or another. in addition to the prison in illinois we are talking about facilities in colorado and montana as well. catherine, who is in favor of this move? >> the governor says that the station have faith in his decision. he described it as a positive move for the state. >> i hope that we succeed in this competition. in addition to securing good paying jobs in this region of the state i hope that it will help to build families, neighborhoods, communities, and bring us the strength that we appreciate. >> he is referring to a number of sites surveyed places by the administration. gregg: some lawmakers are vigorously opposed to this. who are they? >> th
in illinois. much more on that, good morning i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm kercar eric sean, to america's news headquarters, gitmo and the corn field, could bring terrorist trials to downtown chicago and the obama administration considering transferring them to the thompson correctional facility and it is 160 miles west of the windy city and could be the new home for about 100 gitmo terror suspects and the idea already sparking a big potential battle in congress. caroline shivley live in washington with the latest on this, caroline, good morning. how would this work if the federal government bought the prison from the state and put the gitmo detainees in it? >> reporter: the state of illinois would sell thompson correctional facility to the federal bureau of preference and they'd turn it into a super max prison with a portion of it to house, 100 guantanamo bay detainees and the rest of the facility would be used for federal inmates and an administration official tells fox no decision is made yet but it is definitely an option, eric. >> eric: local illinois officials are for the plan. including
detainees from guantanamo bay to america. in illinois and one democratic senator from the estate says that the move could create thousands of jobs. a republican congressman from illinois who is running said it would undermine national security. you will hear from both lawmakers in two 0.5 minutes. gregg: the government calls them the most dangerous people on the planet. the president has promised to close guantanamo bay, so the question is, what should the president do? many of the suspected terrorists could wind up in the thomson correctional facility in northwestern illinois. >> we have an opportunity to bring thousands of good paying jobs to illinois when we need them the most. an opportunity that we will not mess. gregg: that plan has critics very upset. here's why. opponents of the plan claim that it would make the region less safe and a potential target for terrorists. >> as you raise the profile of your community in this jihadi world, the benefits that they see in attacking your city increases. with it the busiest airport in the world and the tallest building in north america,
considers to be some of the most dangerous people in the worrell. illinois lobbying the obama administration to hand over dozens of terror suspects currently at guantanamo bay. some influential state leaders arguing the move will provide desperately needed local jobs and may also give a boost to the white house's self-imposed decision to close guantanamo by january. even top presidential advisors suggesting that deadline will not be met. regardless there is plenty of opposition to housing gitmo detainees in illinois or anywhere else for that matter on u.s. soil. more on that in just a moment. as, knows you probably know five gitmo detainees already slated to come to the united states. in fact, to come here to new york city because they are going to stand trial for the 9/11 attacks. among them, the self-proclaimed master mind, khalid shaikh mohammed. as you can imagine there are strong opinions whether his trial in civilian court works to his advantage. >> what we're kind of granting his wish. his wish was to be brought to new york and really makes no sense to me to be granting him his wish.
will be innocent until proven guilty. >> will illinois be the new guantanamo? a government task force will visit a nearly empty prison in thompson, illinois. the town two hours west of chicago could be the new home for suspected terrorists. correspondent richard lui will have more on that in about 25 minutes. >>> a college football player spoke for the first time since his neck was crushed in a weight lifting accident and rafer has more on this. this had to be, really, well, just inspiring, i would think, for his teammates that he was able to speak a little bit. >> absolutely, robin. for his entire family. but doctors say even that was a miracle. johnson dropped a 270 pound weight on his throat crushing his larynx and that could have killed him and for a while he was eating through a tube. because of a gladiator-like mentality he can swallow and repeated the last words of his late grandfather. >> god has a plan. run, stephon, run. >> whether he plays football again it isn't clear. when asked about it, he just shrugged. >> to hear him speak in those words, no less. thank you. >>> now, i got to as
ediciÓn. >> gracias por cofañfdktir coe. propuesta de que el gobierno fseman una cÁrcel en illinois u cuerpo mientras que las autoridades de ese estado tmzrf@ se rechaza la presencia de presuntos terroristas cercanos vecindarios estadounidenses. >> convertir la presiÓn en una cÁrcel federal es el objetivo de conversaciones entre la administraciÓn obama. esta correccional ubicada 150 millas al oeste de chicago ha estado prÁcticamente vacÍa desde su construcciÓn. >> el alcalde enviÓ una carta para que considerarÁ algÚn uso para la prisiÓn. dijo que llevÓ la cÁrcel a washington y hablÓ con el presidente para que pudieron usarlo como federal. >> tenemos la oportunidad de traer miles de empleos necesarios a illinois y el medio de esta represiÓn no podemos dejar pasar esta oportunidad. entre 2000 303,200 empleos y cerca de $1 mil millones el crecimiento econÓmico de cuatro aÑos. la polÉmica reside en que el gobierno federal presuntamente trasladarÍa cerca de 100 prisioneros acusados de terrorismo de la presiÓn de guantÁnamo en cuba pero hay voces que dicen que reson
guantanamo bay detainees could be transferred to this prison in northern illinois. two obama administration officials tell cnn they will visit the thompson correctional center tomorrow, 15 miles west of chicago. illinois governor designed the prison as state-of-the-art and virtually empty. the obama administration promised to close guantanamo by january 22nd, but it's having trouble meeting that deadline. >>> we now know after many months in office that there aren't nations out there who will take the 200 detainees or so left in guantanamo. so the idea of relocating these prisoners in the united states is a reality that the obama administration is confronting. >> a republican lawmaker from chicago is already saying that would invite terrorist attacks on illinois. and obama administration officials said the prison would be even more secure than the nation's only supermax prison. >>> police in north carolina have charged the mother of a missing 5-year-old girl with human trafficking. antoinette davis faces prostitution and filing a false report. this man here is charged with kidnapping the gi
for the claim join us now with illinois mortgage professionals. even though government officials have said they won't need f eight to be billed out looking like the tax payer will eventually build out the fha would you think? alaska foreclosure stop the only other option is to have a tax bill out were increased the mortgage premium on each loan as loans are made. right now on the mortgage can enjoy a premium is 1.75% of the total loan so what could potentially be increased to? three percent could be a reality into% and alone amounted talking going from $100,000 loan core from 1750 to $3,000 as a cause to look consumer the talk in 1312 under for the dollar cost. pretty significant amount. is that potentially shut out more potential home buyers from getting fha loans? it could increase the amount of the down payment people are going to have to do so yes there's always any time you have an increase costed it does exclude more people. let's talk about the situation that fha is in right now more than seven racine% leave their 306090 days late in foreclosure how alarming is that? not surprising.
, illinois be the new guantanamo bay? a government task force is visiting a nearly empty prison there, two hours west of chicago and could become the new home for suspected terrorists. our republican congressman circulating a letter of opposition addressed to president obama that says, "we should not invite al qaeda to make illinois its number one target." democratic senator dick durbin took issue pointing out dezzens of dangerous criminals are already held in illinois prisons. >> there are currently 35 people serving in the prisons of illinois convicted of terrorism. we also have people who are part of colombian drug gang, mexican drug cartel, the toughest, meanest dirtiest gangs in chicago are all in our prisons and all held safely. >> an obama administration official says security would be enhanced to exceed supermax standards. >>> the decision to try five of the 9/11 suspects in civilian court in new york has created a heated debated in washington. we debate issed it friday in "your views." it's divided along party line. demming are backing the president's decision saying the trial wil
and grass skirts. >>> some guantanamo bay detainees could be transferred to this prison in northern illinois. two obama administration officials tell cnn federal officials will visit the correctional center tomorrow, about 150 miles west of chicago. illinois governor pat quinn described the prison as state of the art and virtually empty. the obama administration promised to close guantanamo by january with 22nd, but it's having trouble meeting that deadline. >> we know now, after many months in office, that there aren't nations out there who are going to take these 200 or so detainees left in guantanamo so the idea of relocating these prisoners in the united states is a reality that the obama administration is confronting. >> a republican lawmaker from chicago is already saying that would invite terrorist attacks on illinois. an official says the prison would be even more secure than the nation's only supermax prison. >>> police in north carolina have charged the mother of a missing 5-year-old girl with human trafficking. ant what yet davis also faces child abuse charge, including prostituti
. >> i can't imagine the people of illinois would like to have the prisoners encars rated in the state. there may be some local officials who support it but i expect it will be a huge issue in illinois, probably in the u.s. senate race up there next year. >> a huge issue is decision by the obama administration to bring khalid sheikh mohammed and the alleged 9/11 mastermind and four other terror suspects to new york city to stand trial for the mass murder of 3,000 americans. this morning, rudy giuliani, the mayor of new york city on 9/11 of course said a trial in new york city gives terrorists an advantage. >> it would seem to me what the obama administration is telling us loud and clear is that both in substance and reality, the war on terror from their point of view is over. we're no longer going to treat these people as if if this was an act of war. >> not everyone agrees with giuliani on this. senator jack reed this morning on "fox news sunday" said trying these key 9/11 suspects in new york city will make a positive statement to the world about american values and the american just
to this prison in northern illinois. two obama administration officials tell cnn federal officials will visit the thompson correctional center tomorrow, it's about 150 miles west of chicago. illinois governor pat quinn described the prison as state of the art and virtually empty. the obama administration promised to close guantanamo by january 22nd, but it's having trouble meeting that deadline. >> we now know, after many months in office, that there aren't nations out there who are going to take these 200 or so detainees left if guantanamo so the idea of relocating these prisoners in the united states is a reality that the obama administration is confronting. >> a republican lawmaker from chicago is already saying that would invite terrorist attacks on illinois. an obama administration official says the prison would be even more secure than the nation's only supermax prison. >>> police in north carolina have charged the mother of a missing 5-year-old girl with human trafficking. antoinette davis also faces charges of prostitution and filing a false report and child abuse. she's shown alongsi
, and the state of illinois bids to provide a home for guantanomo bee tainees and we have more news on the fort hood shooter and a radical muslim cleric, and the brewing confrontation between the senate and white house over medicare cuts in healthcare reform. all that, plus brit hume's analysis and the fox all-stars, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. it is tuesday morning in china where president obama will pr participate in a second day of talks with president tao. chine that is the most populace nation in the world and america's largest creditor , leading president obama to tread carefully to his first trip to the region while in office. major garrett is traveling with the president. >> president obama arrived in beijing to the red carpet trappings of a state visit. his first stop had the look of a campaign town hall, emphasis on look. the president prevailed upon the chinese to allow a question and answer session with university students in and around the coastal city of shanghai. the commercial embodiment of the nation's economic openness. >> i'm looking forward
of illinois. >> it's a question of jobs versus security. >> this is an unnecessary risk. jon: tonight, the feds arrive to inspect a possible gitmo alternative. we'll take you inside the prison. plus, running out of room in cyberspace. why the internet is nearly full. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] jon: first tonight, new developments in the controversy over where to move the guantanamo bay detainees. you know president obama wants to close down the prison in cuba and move detainees to the u.s. for prosecution. today federal officials inspected the tomson correctional center in illinois to see if it might fit the bill. tomson is a maximum security facility located 150 miles west of chicago in carroll county. the prison has about 1600 cells. most stand empty because of budget problems. and the feds are considering buying it to house at least some of the gitmo detainees. illinois senator dick durbin says that would really help his state. >> we have an opportunity to bring thousands of good-paying jobs to illinois when we need them the most. we have an opportunity to bring
. >>> will illinois be the new guantanamo? a task force will visit a nea y ly empty prison in thompson, illinois. it could be the new home for suspected terrorists. correspondent richard lui will have more on that in 25 minutes. >>> the space shuttle "atlantis" should be on its way to the international space station later this afternoon. nasa plans to launch it from the kennedy space center at 2:28 eastern. 100 shuttle fans will get to see the launch close up so they can tweet about it. they're expected to reach about 150,000 twitter followers. you know what's interesting is that we're hours away and if you can listen in, they're talking already. >> well, we have several places -- >> what if it were your job to do all that time fill? >> let's see, what, five hours? >> and then i was born on -- >> my favorite color is blue. >> meteorologist bob van dillen. what are our weather headlines for this week, you think? >> we have a major storm now shaping up across the middle of the country. we're talking about a dynamic one, too. one at the surface, right around northern arkansas and the second one, th
administration now considering a prison in rural illinois to house the gitmo detainees. >> i'm julie banderas. illinois governor pat quinn coming in and out favor of the plan saying that the correctional facility would primarily serve as a federal prison leased out to the defense department to house less than 100 gitmo detainees. >> this prison will always be known as a federal prison, a small portion may be used in the near term by the department of defense to incarcerate detainees that are convicted from guantanamo bay. other than that it's going to be a federal prison providing employment and economic opportunity for many illinois citizens for decades to come. >> julie: we've got fox team coverage. julie is monitoring events in washington. first we go to corina. they are going to be looking at the facility tomorrow. how fast or possible are preparations moving? >> illinois governor pat quinn met with the president earlier this month to discuss the possible plan and today the governor along with u.s. senator dick durbin saying the visit by federal officials is just a preliminary review. a d
in cuba. one of the spots under consideration is in the small town of thomson in western illinois. the president's home state. local folks are all for the economic boost but some say the prisoners would be a security threat. our report from nbc's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: the team of federal officials from the bureau of prisons and the departments of defense, justice and homeland security toured the thomson correctional center as a potential maximum security location to house prisoners from guantanamo bay, cuba. >> it's important to recognize that guantanamo itself has been used as a recruitment tool by those who would seem to harm us. so it is time now to again closing it and that means moving some of these detainees to a secure, a very secure site within the united states. >> reporter: built in 2001, the mod around facility has been dubbed "the ghost prison" by many in illinois, as it remains almost empty due to financial constraints. just 150 minimum security prisoners are held here. thomson could house ten times that many. officials say a new perimeter fence, along with an i
today. his next step during an historic visit. >>> then, prison politics. plans to turn an illinois super max prison into the new home for guantanamo detainees. the pros and the cons. >>> and, fat fight. experimental medicine to battle obesity. the new drugs and how they work. it's monday, november 16th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning and thanks for being with us on this nday morning. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> we start this half hour in china where president obama has taken a staple of american politics, the town hall meeting, to hundreds of students. >> yunji tennies is traveling with the president and she joins us this morning from shanghai. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. it is an american staple. it was interesting. when the president stirs started out he explained to the students how this was all going to work. this event was, in fact, supposed to be broadcast live on chinese state television. but apparently the government changed its mind at the last minute. it was only broadcast live on local st
g federales inspeccionaron hoy una cárcel de illinois que está siendo considerada por el gobierno para trasladar a los presuntos terroristas de guantánamo >>> general motors piensa admitir que pagará su doodeuda partir de diciembre. la ola de violencia de ciudad juárez, donde el número de asesinatos rompe récord. >>> tenemos normas para la realización de los examenes de cáncer de senotp entran en vigencia hoy >>> este es su noticiero con jorge ramos y maría elena salinas >>> buenas noches a dónde llevarán a los territorios de wtpióbrjv]kph@noticiero univisi li l illinois loourdes nos habla >>> sospechosos de terrorismo podría ser trasladados de guantánamo en cuba a thomson illinois población 600 y a su prisión de máxima seguridad para 1600 construidas hace 8 años y casi vacía. finanz funcionarios del departamento de dependencia fueron inspeccionar la prisión, a unas 150 millas de chicago, a hay quienes creen que podrían salvar económicamente al pueblo. >>> >>> es una gran oportunidad, para nuestro estado, es una prisión deáxima seguridad. >>> podemos traer m
out will come too late for the victims. >> reporter: in wisconsin an illinois family said their final farewells to fort hood's victims. >> we lost a special human being. he helped others all the time. >> reporter: michael pearson in illinois among the last of the victims to be laid to rest. >> emotions ran high. people were standing outside of their cars on the side of the road. >> reporter: as the families said good-bye investigators pray the past of an alleged gunman , the muslim who brought his own beer here next to the shop where he bought a semi automatic pistol, not far from the shooting range where he fired 200 rounds days before the massacre. >> have you been told not to talk? >> reporter: the fbi is investigating hasan's dinner meetings at this restaurant with two men, including an 18- year-old muslim who told the bbc he would not condemn hasan or the killings of the american solders. >> if the end they were troops going to afghanistan and iraq to kill muslims. i no pity for them. >> reporter: his facebook page includes videos of a radical clearer rick. >> investigators are g
united states an under used state prison in an economically depressed area of northwestern illinois called the thompson correctional center scheduled to be visited tomorrow by a team from the obama administration. we have the scoop on who is for this idea and who is against it. >> geraldo, opponents say if this goes through illinois could become ground zero for al qaeda terrorists but supporters say it would bring in jobs and money to the area. federal officials are set to tour the 1600 cell facility tomorrow. the correctional center is located in the small village of thompson illinois about 150 miles west of chicago. a possible option to house federal detainees from guantanamo bay. the maximum security prison opened in 2001 but is only housing 150 prisoners. if the deal goes through thompson could be turned into a super marks facility with an area leased to the department of defense to hold the detainees. half of gitmo's 215 prisoners would be transferred to the state. >>> we have an opportunity to bring thousands of good paying jobs to illinois when we need them the most. we have
would want to take. steve: could it be gitmo north? at a cost of $120 million, illinois has pentagon the thompson correctional center. it's just to the north and west of chicago in a rural area. it has been largely vacant. well, now the governor of that state, who would be interested in 3,000 additional jobs, says, hey, let's bring those gitmo guys up here. here is governor quinn. >> we see an opportunity, once in a lifetime opportunity for the people of illinois to have a prison that we have as vacant, almost today, to have a transaction with the federal government where they would decide that this is a site of a federal prison for the future in the state of illinois. gretchen: the interesting thing is, that when i was reading this article i was wondering to myself what about all those prisoners in california, they don't have enough jails there why do we have any jails empty in the united states at taxpayer expense? maybe that's a whole another issue. why do we have a whole federal prison sitting there? is it because some of these prisoners in california are not federal prisoners? p
. >> it should be interesting. first. the prisoners at guantanamo bay cuba could soon be coming to illinois. that's what the obama administration is considering. here is caroline shively. the prison they're talking about is basically abandoned at the time being, right? >> you're right it's a 1600 cell facility, dave. only housing about 200 inmates right now and administration official tells fox it's not a done deal, but the plan calls for the federal government to buy topsy correctional facility from the state of illinois, turning it into a super max with a portion leased out to house around 100 guantanamo detainees. it's in thompson village, 150 miles west of chicago. construction was completed on thompson in 2001 because of budget crunches basically abandoned now. this proposal set up with a huge fight some saying it will which 3,000 jobs to the region, a billion dollar over four years and local economy and super max with top security. and others say it will turn the town into an area for terrorists and claim they're safe from outside attacks and u.s. citizens are safe from potential escapes be
yield one minute to the gentleman from illinois, mr. davis. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from illinois is recognized for one minute. mr. davis: thank you very much, mr. speaker. and i want to thank chairman mcdermott for yielding. i also want to commend the senate for its work. i simply rise in support of this legislation. it will provide an opportunity certainly for individuals who are unemployed to consider to receive unemployment compensation. and it will indeed help stimulate the economy by allowing individuals credit for the first time if they're purchasing a home. it's good legislation. i'm pleased to support it and urge that all members do so. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from texas. mr. brady: i yield myself such time as i may consume. -time the gentleman is recognized. mr. brady: there is -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. brady: for all the good this bill will do to help people buy their first home and perhaps move up, for all the help that it will provide to help businesses surviv
in illinois. federal officials will check out of that facility today. republicans arblasting the decision to put five men accused of plotting the september 11 attacks on trial in new york city. >> i am troubled by the symbolism of it. seems to me the obama administration is getting away from the fact that we are at war with these terrorists. >> we are confident about these cases. we believe this is the appropriate thing to do. >> republicans field trials would create a security risk. woodlan the detainees from guantanamo to illinois -- so what would moving the detainees from guantanamo to illinois. >> the washington post is reporting that following the terrorist attack at fort hood, pat robertson said islam is "not a religion but a violent political system and those practicing it should be treated like a fascist party." mcdonald attended law school at robertson university. >> in landover, the skins have picked up another win, but it took a little trickery. >> going the other way. wide open. inside the end zone. >> the field goal turned into a touchdown pass -- a fake field goal. the ski
suspects being held at guantanamo bay could eventually be moved to a prison in illinois. but officials will check out the facility today. republicans are blasting the decision to put five men accused of plotting the september 11 attacks on trial in new york city. >> i'm troubled by the symbolism of it also. seems to me the obama administration is getting away from the fact that we are at war with these terrorists. >> we are confident about these cases. we believe this is the appropriate thing to do. but many republicans say the trial would create a security risk. would move in the detainees from guantanamo bay to illinois -- they say moving the detainees from guantanamo bay to illinois would be a security risk as well. >> is a report that following the terrorist attacks at fort hood, robertson said islam is open but not a religion but a violent political system and that those practicing it should be treated like members of a communist or fascist party." mcdonald attended law school at robertson's university. >> the wait is over in landover. the redskins have picked up another win. it
this bill. let's kill this bill. god bless you. [applause] the gentleman from illinois. >> with just a few words, he was able to start a revolution of freedom across europe and asia. when he said to mr. gorbachev, mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. and today, you are here because we say the same words to start the revolution of freedom to reclaim our individual liberties, madam speaker, tear up this bill. [applause] >> the gentleman from ohio, mr. jim jordan. >> when the israelites work camp against the philippines, and everyday the philistines walked out and issue a challenge, who will fight goliath? the israelites responded, he is so big we can never defeat him. they would response was, he is so big, i cannot miss. that is the attitude that has always been part of this country. that is the attitude that makes the difference. god bless you for being here. >> dr. bill cassidy from louisiana. >> i will be short and sweet. you being here is so important, but that is not going to stop the bill. i think we can say that you being here is not the end. it is not the beginning of the end, but it
you, sir. i now like to present to the body congressman davis of illinois for 90 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from illinois is recognized for 90 seconds. mr. davis: thank you, mr. speaker. passage of this bill will move us closer to the realization that all men, women and children in this country can have access to quality health care. it will reduce the waiting time in emergency rooms, shorten the length of time you have to wait to see a doctor, makes it possible for people to have health insurance who've never had any before in their lifetime. and to see a doctor on a regular basis. it recognizes the needs of people with disabilities, it seriously increases community health centers, protects disproportion teacher hospitals. for most health awareness and education but most importantly, it prolongs and enhances life as well as its quality. this is the most significant health legislation passed in this country since medicare and medicaid. residents of my district have been calling all day asking that i would vote for them, that i would vote for illinois, that i would
for roland burris. you know he succeeded barack obama for the illinois seat. he was appointed by then governor rod blagojevich who has been indicted. and what we know now is that roland burris is commenting on what is considered a public letter of qualified admonition. that means the senate ethics committee has reviewed all of his conduct and they are giving him a reprimand. this is one of the milder forms of reprimand. this is not the type that would rise to the level of being expelled from the senate but this is significant. burris says this. i am pleased that the numerous investigations this matter has finally come to a close. i thank the members of the senate ethics committee for their fair and thorough review of this matter and i look forward to continuing the important work ahead on behalf of the people of illinois. now, part of what happens here is that this goes back to when he gave testimony before the illinois state senate. now, you remember there were a lot of questions about how about roland burris get the appointment by the governor who was clouded then. now, reme
at the university of illinois at chicago for a look at these issues. household and equity holdings down 11 trillion from 2007 to march of 2009. and housing wealth down almost 4 trillion since 2007. these are shocking numbers. this fall in wealth forcing people to change consumer spending habits and some believe it could be a more lasting change instead 6 just temporary. >> it appears to be that case. several factors come into play. i think you had an apple and baby boomerring about into retirement, portfolios taking a hit 30 to 35% and most americans accumulating wealth in the 401(k) and housing values and that is where the fall out began. after that there has been a significant change in consumer spending. we've operated in a negative spending savings rate for a period of time and now the most recent shows 6.5 to 7% 6 savings rate. it is going to shift the way you will approach, it especially the baby boomer market because a lot of that was retirement money and they were basing it on all the equity built up over the last 35 years and a substantial part is gone. >> talking about now with the huge d
could be transferred here. illinois governor pat quinn says bringing the detainees could reap benefits for e town. >> i want to work with the president to make sure that we prevail over terrorism and protect our democracy and every democracy on planet earth. >> reporter: but some fear holding suspected terrorists in a small area could put residents in danger. >> gitmo is not being closed. it is being moved. to northwest illinois. thereby making this area of the country, a the entire country a magnet for terrorism. >> reporter: residents in thompson are split. >> we don't need those prisoners over here. >> it is okay with me. the facility is being considered. federal officials are looking at a prison in florence, colorado as well as montana. no word on when a decision is suspected. -- expected. fox 5 news. >>> coming up next here at 6:00, a live look outside right now. a huge show of support following an unbelievable crime. a 9-year-old boy is shot to death inside of his home. that is a vigil outside. familiar neighbors and family members are dealing with the grief. we will have that af
. they extend all the way back in the ohio valley. remember this system yesterday was out in illinois. it has been moving rapidly. it is moving through the region. no you weren't seeing things. that was snow and freezing rain in northern ohio. as you can see scattered showers moving in the region now. another batch in west virginia. we'll see that later tonight and tomorrow. right now we are indicating a few scattered showers around. a lot is in the upper atmosphere not reaching the ground. shower activity is not over yet. currently 46. 47 kingsville. annapolis 51. your forecast for the overnight period. cloudy skies and scattered showers move through the region. tomorrow things start clearing up. we'll see sunshine. few breaks in the overcast. that will set us up for sunshine and warmer temperatures into the weekend. forecast for overnight. cloudy skies. scattered showers. 42 for the low. we'll see cooler temperatures in the suburbs. tomorrow pretty decent and cloudy. look at the temperature on friday. 51. then we start a nice warm up on saturday. sunday 61. 64 monday. tuesday a chance for s
position but key point to remember about cincinnati was the fact that west virginia, illinois and pittsburgh are still ahead. it is a tough row ahead. here's frazier, deep middle, incomplete. clock stops at 1:21. i just think that we have to tip our hat to uconn here tonight. you and lisa have talked about the tragedy they've had to deal with with the death of jasper howard, the tough games they've been in and yet, there's something about a group of kids who don't quit. life is not easy and sometimes never fair and you learn how to deal with it and my hat's off to how they hung in he tonight and they're still coming. that was easily taken down by battle. >> the resiliency of this program has been on display the last few weeks and we have to step back and have a real appreciation of this program. >> absolutely. frazier got an open target and his big tig e across midfield. that's ryan griffin, red shirt freshman, out of new jersey. outstanding young player and certainly be hearing more about him in stores. todman, , only a sophohomomore g back. here's frazier rifling one. throwi
the president's home turf of illinois their new home. as the obama administration moves to shut down the guantanamo facility, a near empty maximum facility state prison is now a top contender for their relocation. today government officials are expected to visit the thompson correctional facility, 150 miles outside chick. both illinois governor pat quinn and u.s. senator dick durbin are backing the idea. they are seeing it as an opportunity to back state republican. >>> millions of americans who use zetio or vytorin have now new reason for concern this morning. a new study in the new england journal of medicine zetia failed to shrink buildups a. vytorin combines zetia with a stat in. it was no more effective than zocor alone that's available as a cheap generic. vytorin had $2 billion in u.s. sales last year. zetia, more than $1.5 billion. >> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. >>> a man in washington crashed an suv through the garage door of a jail. surveillance video shows the vehicle smash through the metal door and then collide with a wall. the d
illinois. heavier amounts of rainfa wr aroundhe are o low pressure around indiana toward fort wayne. another d we'll see dry conditions out there. 55 in baltimore. n hagueers town. winds are coming out of the east. a light breeze off the ocea downo 41 degrees tonight with clouds gathering through the overnight and mostly cloudy skiesetting up through tomorrow. i'll show you when the win will get here and how il stickround in the day forecast. >> the salvation army's red kettle campaign kicks off today. >> yearly campaign began in san francisco back in 1891. hopes to raise more than $600,000 for this area >> every donation matters. it's going to take t whole community to come togetheif we're goo ing teet the needs of people, especiall those w for the first timeou f themselves employed this ar. tig run tough christmae. last year the salvation army of greater baltimoreelped more than 11,000 people in this area. donate to the salvation army by going to our website ltimore.com/news link. you can upload photos and videos to our website. click on the see it, shoot it, se it icon. you can
at the illinois used and institute of technology. welcome. securities and exchange commission is becoming more aggressive so what is the first big change we can see as a result of stricter enforcement? and were going to see additional enforcement actions being brought the parties that are going to bring them are the large institutions. we are going to see higher fines and we're going to see in general a reinvigorated a division of enforcement. let's talk about accomplishments here all the last nine months we can run through these two times as many former orders two times as many emergency actions 50 more investigations and two times the amount in penalties a levelled against companies. are those tied to zero cases that were already in the pipeline? i think some of those are but a higher fines are new even though the accents have previously been brought but emergency orders are new in the investigations are new so is a combination. what we are also seen is that case is this all the parties believe cat simply died are arafat been reinvigorated. and of course racine more of these cases in the com
... much mroe invovled sensitive to the cerdit conditions of company university of illinois professor robert bruno says the uaw's future power also will depend on the strength of its members thanks to the ever-increasing automation in the manufacturing of cars.. and the continued loss in market share for us auto companies union membership has sharply fallen over the last 30 years. when it peaked at 1.5 million in 1979. last year - the uaw had about 431,000 members. even though membership has been falling over the years experts say there will be a role for the unionin the years to come. i do think union cooperation is essential.. men adn women maek cars.. at same time ... barganing power reduced.. no strike clauses until 2015 now. in the future the union's bargaining power may be directly tied to the success of us car companiesand whether they are able to gain back market share but there is also another way for the uaw to gain bargaining power: perhaps best chance at being influencial player.. will be if they have a merger with another large industrial union.. perhaps united steel wor
holiday shopping deals. get this. these case settled in at best buy-in illinois to get the position of being first in line. what is on the top of the list? well you might be surprised. >> well, since we were here last year, number 1 and 2, we're just here to reclaim our title as 1 and 2. >> are you actually going to buy anything? >> probably not. >> shoving it in. taking little bites using juice and water. all techniques used by students at moline high school in illinois. eating doughnuts to help those less fortunate. kids dressed in costumes consumed over 6000 doughnuts to raise money for the charity that provides clothes for needy kids. >> each bite for a good cause. and worth the potential stomach ache. >> how much is that doggy worth? a million dollars. dr. puppet rescued chihuahua from a puppy mill won top prize in cutest dog competition. he won't get to eat his prize money in bones. his owner is giving the money to two colorado animal shelters. patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". >> this time ravens are hoping to turn around the streak of bad luck against the steelers,
with the university of illinois at chicago. so let's talk about the policy figures here. they say it's going to affect 50,000 to 70,000 people who work in colorado and that get minimum wage. so the small percentage of the work force, but is there a bigger message that this sends in bob, let's start with you. >> symbolically, i think particularly during this economy it's a terrible message to send. when these minimum wage laws were passed and tied to inflation nobody ever mandle that anyone would ratchet them downward. the very fact there's been some drop in the consumer price index really doesn't reflect the economic conditions of most wage workers, particularly low who are just on the edge, and dropping it a penny, two pennies over an entire year can have a pretty harsh effect. so the message that you're sending is that things are pretty hard on workers and we're going to to make things a little bit harder. seems like a bad message for business to be sending. >> what about that message? brian, do you agree? >> well, i think that the larger issue is not the 3% drop in the minimum wage -- >> 3-cent dro
on the internet. >>> the governor of illinois is trying to sell a nearly empty prison. federal officials are scheduled to inspect the thompson correctional center. the illinois governor says the site is under consideration along with two others in colorado and montana. >>> five after the hour. time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning and jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day on wall street. a good end in last week. >> very nice. we hope another wave of buying takes us higher this week. the dow rose 2 1/2% last week boosting the gain nurse the year to 17%. the dow is at 10270. after another rally pushed them up by 73 points on friday. the nasdaq added 19 and the s&p added 6. >>> a lot going on this week on wall street. on the earnings front, reports from the likes of sax, target and home depot and lowe's is out this morning and we will find out the report on home construction. they are expected to stabilize or rise modestly last year. the national association of realtors expects it to rise. >>> a lucky bidder may get to own a piece of the eiffel tower in paris. pi
kentucky, indiana and illinois. you can see illinois getting decent rain but it is falling shy of chicago so you get a couple of showers coming in later today. right now you're dry. here is kansas city that white is all snow and it's heavy at times in areas but the thing is temperatures are right around freezing but just a little bit of fog. it's having a tough time sticking on the road here. you have a winter weather advisory until 8:00 this morning lo local time for you around kansas city and then emporia. it will make things slick for you especially on the bridges and overpasses for the morning. here is that kansas city radar picture. 40 degrees into extreme western missouri, but into the 30s around eastern parts of kansas. you can cito peca, light snow. heavier snow around kansas city and levin worth, too. temperatures right around 40 right there. the steady precip out of the south, that's all rain indiana in towards illinois. chicago radar again, you guys are dry. i think it's going to be a little bit of time before you see rain and it will be windy again. speaking of wind, look at t
today that the obama administration is considering it may buy a near empty prison in rural, illinois, to house perhaps dozens of guantanamo detainees. >> anything you can do and anything you will do to try to stop that the? >> the senate went on record on that issue a couple of years ago, 94-3 against bringing these people to the united states. i can't imagine the people of illinois would like to have these prisoners incars rated this their state. i expect it will be a huge issue in illinois, probably in the u.s. senate race up there next year. >> chris: and is there anything you can do in terms of blocking funding for it? >> we will be looking for ways to do it and hopefully the senate and house will speak on this issue. >> chris: let's turn to healthcare reform. senate democrats are expected to bring a bill to the floor this week. do you have the 41 votes in the senate to prevent them from even bringing it to the floor? >> what we do know for sure is this is a bill that cuts medicare and raises taxes and raises insurance premiums. it has been in harry reid's office for six weeks an
as the obama's leading choice. illinois is putting forth their best pitch proposing -- [ inaudible ] senator dick durbin says the sale would provide as many as 3,000 jobs and a big boost to the ailing illinois economy while not endangering people's safety. >> we just recently prosecuted successfully an al qaeda terrorist who is being incarcerated in a medium security prison in marion, illinois. i mean, their argument falls flat on its face. >> illinois lawmakers plan to give a tour of the prison facility to federal officials tomorrow. two other facilies are also being considered. one in colorado. the other in montana. >>> a gunfight in the midst of a major push in afghanistan. hundreds of french and afghan troops clashed with insurgents in the valley. they encountered an estimated 80 insurgents. the allied mission was to clear the valley so roads and check points could be built. part of what secretary of state hillary clinton has declared a clear mission. >> we want to get out al qaeda. we want to disrupt, dismantle and defeat those who attacked us and w
examining various federal prison sites in this country. illinois. illinois is one of them. they were talking a while ago about perhaps putting them in prisons in michigan, your home state. how do you feel about that? >> well, the president has never answered the question why. i'm all about problem-solving. what problem is the president going to solve by moving these trials to new york or by moving get mow prisoners to michigans to illinois, to colorado? he hasn't outlined what problem he's solving. i don't see the problem of moving them from gitmo. it's been a great place. we've been able to keep them their safely. there are certain challenges with these prisoners. why move them into the united states while we are still under the threat from radical jihadists? >> schieffer: i want to turn to the massacre at fort hood because you were one of those in congress who immediately began pressing the government for answers when they were giving out very little information. where do you think this thing stands now, congressman? are you satisfied with where it's going so far? >> no, i ti that the gove
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